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Visioning Event - Sustainable Transportation Networks

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11•02•2022 - 11•03•2022

The goal of ERVA Visioning Events is to identify specific areas that are nascent or require additional exploration with the potential for the greatest return on investment. Accordingly, we seek multi-disciplinary researchers who can help ERVA identify less-explored, basic and use-inspired lines of research ripe for engineering community pursuit.

Virtual Visioning Event: Sustainable Transportation Networks

Innovative and sustainable transportation modes and infrastructure networks are required to support a vibrant society. Personal and business travel, in addition to freight transport, rely on a resilient and safe transportation network to maintain a robust economy. The future of transportation networks is greatly influenced by transportation modes, like cars, trucks, trains, boats, airplanes, and the next generation of transportation. New transportation networks and modality development must consider efficient energy use, low or no emissions, alternative materials, novel manufacturing processes, effectiveness and efficiency, and appropriate levels of automation and connectivity. Equally important are affordability, as well as positive impacts on the community that include but are not limited to social and economic sustainability, better accessibility to services, and reconnecting communities.

Current research sub themes:

Green construction, infrastructure, and longitudinal impact studies
Self-healing roads, rails, etc. using new materials
Interconnected transportation modes (on-road and non-road that include rail, marine, and air transport)
Transportation equity in society


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