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Call for Visioning Event Participants: Sustainable Transportation Networks

Photo 1 for call for visioning event participants: sustainable transportation networks

This virtual visioning event will convene top researchers from various sectors to consider the theme of Sustainable Transportation Networks.

November 2-3, 2022 • Virtual

The goal of ERVA visioning events is to identify specific areas that are nascent or require additional exploration with the potential for the greatest return on investment. Accordingly, we seek multi-disciplinary researchers who can help ERVA identify less-explored, basic and use-inspired lines of research ripe for engineering community pursuit.  We invite you to nominate yourself to participate in expert, informed discussion and interactive thematic breakout sessions. Please share this information with interested colleagues from within or beyond your organization.

We are now accepting nominations for our Thematic Task force and for visioning event participants. Please follow the link below to nominate!

Nomination Evaluation Criteria

Participants will be evaluated on the merit of the candidate’s participation based on the following general criteria:

  • Research alignment. Alignment of candidate’s research interests and current research agenda with the event theme/goals;
  • Demonstrated expertise. Significance and uniqueness of contribution to relevant fields; and
  • Persuasive case. Evidence-base for nomination, as described by the nominator.

As there are limited spots and many nominees may meet the above criteria, participant selection will also take into account ERVA’s identity as a diverse, inclusive, and engaged partnership that enables an array of voices to impact national research priorities. Such considerations include an overall participant list diverse by dimensions including but not limited to:

  • research discipline;
  • geographic location;
  • organization sector and type;
  • gender;
  • race/ethnicity; and
  • career stage.

Decisions regarding nominee invitations to participate will be guided by the overall objective of ensuring a successful visioning event. Following a review of nominations, ERVA will notify candidates of their participation status. This could also include further contributions during or beyond the scope of the visioning event. Those nominees not selected for this event will be considered, as appropriate, for future ERVA visioning events and other activities.

Submit your interest!

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