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Request for Information: ERVA Report Writer

Visioning Event: Strategic Engineering Focus for Next-Generation Wireless Competitiveness

ERVA seeks an individual with technical expertise in wireless technology or related fields to attend the visioning event and produce an event report.

The technical writer will translate the conversations, notes, work boards, discussions, and annotators’ notes from the ERVA visioning events into reports for external dissemination. The writer will create high-impact and cogent reports intended for those with a vested interest in the engineering community that capture the technical findings from ERVA events without lobbying or recommending policy changes.

Download the full RFI here.


Launched in April 2021, the Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA) is a National Science Foundation-funded five-year activity awarded to three core partners: the UIDP, the EPSCoR IDeA Foundation, and the Big Ten Academic Alliance. ERVA is a neutral convenor of diverse sector/disciplinary engineers around a societally important theme to identify technology opportunities and articulate engineering research to envision high-impact solutions in visioning events. These visioning events result in a report that is a roadmap of the high-value, nascent engineering research opportunities that span from today to twenty-plus years. This report is widely shared with engineering stakeholders in government, academia, industry, national labs, nonprofits, and more to help guide resource priorities. ERVA leverages a network of affiliates, champions, advisory boards, and working groups to identify and vet the visioning event themes. The ERVA operating model is predicated on being agile and producing high-quality products that meet the needs of the engineering community. Visioning events articulate the role of engineering within a specific topic. The visioning event report is critical in promoting ERVA activities to strengthen connectivity in the engineering community.

Desired Skill Sets

The technical writer must have expertise in wireless technology, ideally in one or more subthemes discussed in the visioning event as outlined in the abstract at the end of the RFI. ERVA seeks a writer to communicate complex technical information to a varied audience, from those with a high level of technical competence to others not technically trained in the research topic.

Project Deliverables

The technical writer will deliver a roughly 10,000-word comprehensive written report with supporting references after the ERVA event. The report should highlight the grand challenges/opportunities identified in the event and articulate the engineering role. The report must also motivate the reason the theme was chosen: a technological opportunity of societal importance that engineering research is critical in leading. The report will identify the participants, dates, locations, and engineering research focus areas developed for the visioning event.

The writer is not responsible for the professional layout of reports; only for report content analysis and synthesis, technical writing, and content development.

The technical writer will work closely with the ERVA Executive Director, the ERVA Communications Director, and the thematic task force (TTF) that designed the program content for the visioning event.

Download the full RFI here.

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