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Webinar: AI Engineering | A Strategic Research Framework to Benefit Society: Findings from the Visioning Event

Photo 1 for webinar: ai engineering | a strategic research framework to benefit society: findings from the visioning event

Engineering stakeholders in the AI engineering space will find this webinar of high interest, as well as academic and industry researchers in electrical and computer engineering, and physics, and biology whose focus is on materials science and development.

Leading the engaging webinar are the visioning event co-chairs, Pramod Khargonekar, Vice Chancellor for Research and Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine, and Birgit (Bea) Braun, Principal Research Scientist, Data Science & Hybrid Modeling at Dow.


This webinar will focus on the findings from the ERVA report that resulted from the visioning event in Atlanta, on November 7-8, 2023, AI a Strategic Research Framework to Benefit Society.

We expect this webinar to feature a brief introductions from the moderator on ERVA, with the visioning event objective, and then the panelists give a brief overview of highlights from the their perspective. This is followed by a discussion between the moderator and the panelists who were members of the Thematic Task Force that scoped the program for this event.

Agenda Highlights

The event will focus primarily on:

  • A brief ERVA introduction
  • A slide presentation summarizing the report highlights
  • An audience Q&A for any additional questions on the report findings

Who Should Attend?

Engineering leadership in industry and academia as well as those in engineering education, journalists, agencies interested in manufacturing, ERVA community, engineers from multiple disciplines; civil, mechanical, chemical, materials, electrical, data scientists, AI, and robotics.

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