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Call for Visioning Event Participants: Strategic Thinking for Engineering Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Photo 1 for call for visioning event participants: strategic thinking for engineering research in the era of artificial intelligence

This visioning event will convene top researchers from various sectors to consider the theme of Strategic Thinking for Engineering Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.

November 7-8 | In-Person, Atlanta, GA

The goal of ERVA visioning events is to identify specific areas that are nascent or require additional exploration with the potential for the greatest return on investment. Accordingly, we seek multidisciplinary engineers and researchers who can help ERVA identify less-explored, basic, and use-inspired lines of research ripe for engineering community pursuit.

ERVA invites you to participate in an event to envision the future of artificial intelligence and identify the emerging research opportunities where engineering can lead and accelerate our global competitiveness. This is an exceptional opportunity for your voice to be heard and influence the future engineering research funding landscape.

Academic and industrial researchers have achieved very impressive breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) in recent years. Large-scale investments in ML/AI from governments and the private sector worldwide will likely fuel breakthrough achievements, new technologies, and new tools that potentially transform industries, businesses, governments, and educational institutions.

Engineering subfields are actively engaged in these developments. Robotics, automation, and control theory are leading the development of AI with autonomy and safety guarantees. Information theory and signal processing are also making important contributions. At the same, other fields such as civil engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, etc., are taking advantage of powerful new machine learning and big data technologies.

In view of the rapid progress in AI/ML, it is critically important that engineering leaders in academic, industry, and government organizations are leaning forward and positioning engineering research community to play leadership roles in (1) the development of new AI technologies suited for engineering applications and imperatives, and (2) in the use of the most powerful AI techniques to advance engineering research fields.

The proposed ERVA event is aimed at developing key insights and major opportunities for academic, industry, and government organizations by answering the following questions:

  • What are the major opportunities for engineering to lead advances in AI/ML? 
  • What new questions can be formulated and feasibly answered to dramatically move engineering research to greater successes?
  • What can engineering leaders do to ensure their organizations will thrive and meet their missions in the coming era of AI/ML?

We are now accepting nominations for visioning event participants. Nominees are strongly encouraged to submit position papers that articulate their thoughts on the event theme. Please follow the link below to nominate!

Decisions regarding nominee invitations to participate will be guided by the overall objective of ensuring a successful visioning event. Following a review of nominations, ERVA will notify candidates who are selected to participate. This could also include further contributions during or beyond the scope of the visioning event. Those nominees not selected for this event will be considered, as appropriate, for future ERVA visioning events and other activities.

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