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Teddy Ivanitzki

Program Director, American Society for Engineering Education

About Teddy Ivanitzki

Dr. Teddy Ivanitzki is one of the Program Directors within Fellowships and Research Opportunities (FRO) by ASEE. He spent over 15 years in management of commercialization technologies within IT industries in Germany, UK, Switzerland, and US and being CTO/CEO of high-tech startups in Europe and US. Prior to joining ASEE, Dr. Ivanitzki was Managing Director of the Ethiopian Institute of Technology in Mekelle/Ethiopia. Before, he served as a dean of the College of Engineering at the DeVry University in Houston/TX. He authored various articles in international magazines on modern computing, neural networks, fusion technology, and imaging; he was also invited speaker to numerous international symposia and conferences in Switzerland & Germany and received “Excelencia in Education” for a bilingual community service from the Senate of the State of Texas.

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