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Kimberly S. Budil

Laboratory Director
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

About Kimberly S. Budil

Kim Budil is the laboratory director for weapons and complex integration at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She is responsible for the programs that ensure the safety, security, and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear deterrent and for advancing the supporting science, technology, and engineering capabilities of the stockpile stewardship program. Prior to this, she served as the vice president for national laboratories at the University of California Office of the President, where she led the university’s oversight and governance of LLNL, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory. She has served on many committees, including the LLNS/LANS Mission Committee and the National Academies Committee on International Security and Arms Control; and has served as a board member for the Hertz, LANL, and Livermore Lab Foundations.

Prior to joining UCOP, Budil worked for nearly three decades at LLNL. She joined LLNL in 1987 as a graduate student and held a variety of increasingly responsible positions across the organization, working in weapons and complex integration, the national ignition facility, physical and life sciences, and global security. She served twice as a detailee in Washington, D.C., most recently in 2009, spending nearly two years as a senior adviser to the under secretary for science at the Department of Energy. She holds master’s and doctoral degrees in applied science/engineering from the University of California, Davis and a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Budil also completed a certificate in National Security Affairs from the Bush School at Texas A&M University.

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