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Tae Seok Moon

Associate Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

"Global problems can be solved only by collaborations. ERVA enables us to provide visions to the global community. I am honored to participate in such efforts and to inspire our next generation who will be our leaders to make our visions a reality."

About Tae Seok Moon

Tae Seok Moon is an Associate Professor at Washington University and has expertise in systems and synthetic biology. He aims to solve global agricultural, environmental, manufacturing, and health problems through engineering biology. His research projects have been supported by Gates Foundation and 8 different US agencies (16 external grants), and he has secured $8.4M for his lab ($29M for the entire teams since 7/1/2012). These projects and his prior efforts have resulted in 58 publications (47 from WU as the PI), 75 invited talks, and 9 patents. His achievements have been recognized with many awards, including a B&B Daniel I.C. Wang Award, an NSF CAREER award, an ONR Young Investigator Award, a John C. Sluder Fellowship (MIT), and an ILJU Foundation Award to name several. He is deeply committed to spending the time required to promote the career development of young people. He has advised 114 young researchers at Washington University since 2012, including 22 students in other labs as a thesis committee member, 29 undergraduate researchers, 6 international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition teams (not counted toward 114), 31 graduate rotation students (excluding ones who joined his lab permanently), 18 PhD students, 3 MS students, 3 technicians, and 8 postdoctoral researchers. He plays many global leadership roles, including a Council Member of Engineering Biology Research Consortium and the Founding Chair of Synthetic Biology Young Speaker Series to provide a forum for >1,000 global audiences. He also serves as an editor or editorial board member for six journals.

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