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Works with the communications director and contractor to develop and offer feedback about ERVA's website and materials and continually evaluates new and effective approaches for engaging the ERVA community.

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The Communications Working Group works with the communications director and communications contractor to develop and offer feedback about ERVA's website, branded materials, announcements, survey instruments, and publications, and continually evaluates new and effective approaches for engaging the ERVA community and sharing findings. It also meets with the evaluation consultant to ensure its annual review includes metrics that gauge the effectiveness and impact of ERVA’s communications strategy. With priority given to fulfilling the community’s best interest, the members of the Communications Working Group will ensure all recommendations are made with an objective, unbiased approach particularly regarding their own background, professional affiliation, or other influences that would introduce inappropriate favoritism into ERVA’s outcomes.

ERVA’s success hinges on enabling the engineering community to speak with one voice to support a rapid and efficient response to emerging opportunities and areas of national need. As such, communication must be multidirectional and designed to reach and appeal to diverse stakeholders – including but not limited to underrepresented groups and early career professionals – throughout our process, from sourcing initial ideas and volunteers through promoting and capturing uptake of research directions proposed. Therefore, the Communications Working Group will play a critical role in messaging, engagement, and ultimately community building and maintenance.


Photo 1 for mau

Sandy Mau

ERVA Communications Director

Federal Liaison

Photo 5 for cecile gonzales

Cecile Gonzalez

Federal Liaison, National Science Foundation
Photo 9 for duplechain

Joshua Duplechain

Director of Communications, College of Engineering, Louisiana State University
Photo 13 for engebretson

JS Engebretson

Communications and Marketing Manager, College of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Photo 17 for gerena

Rafael Gerena

Managing Director of Communications and Advancement, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
Photo 21 for krebs

Andrew Krebs

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, College of Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
Photo 25 for lu

Felix Lu

Director of Corporate Engagement, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago
Photo 29 for true

Cadence True

Technology Collaboration Manager, Oregon Health & Science University
Photo 33 for wilmsen

Emily Wilmsen

Director of Communications and Strategic Marketing, Colorado State University Engineering
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