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Call for Visioning Event Participants: Strategic Engineering for Next-Generation Wireless Competitiveness

Photo 1 for call for visioning event participants: strategic engineering for next-generation wireless competitiveness

June 13-14, 2024
Denver, CO

This is an in-person visioning event for one and a half days.

This visioning event will convene top researchers from various sectors to discuss and articulate the engineering research strategic roadmap with the highest potential for positive societal impact in wireless technologies. 

This event is intended for transdisciplinary experts with respect to engineering disciplines, sectors, and stakeholders interested in wireless competitiveness, including researchers, industry professionals, nonprofits, and venture capital firms. This is an opportunity for you to impact the nation’s engineering research priorities in this important topic.


Since the invention of the cell phone, the US has led in wireless technology, but we are rapidly falling behind, especially amidst the global focus on spectrum resources above 100 GHz. Systems operating in the terahertz range will be needed to accommodate the growing global demand for wireless data, incorporate unique sensing capabilities that have the potential to revolutionize society and address growing security concerns. We must clarify the relevant engineering research challenges and engage diverse stakeholders to ensure the development of holistic engineering solutions that avoid interference. Given the vast financial resources already being devoted to these issues in most of the developed world, the role of the US in the global landscape remains poorly defined. This situation must change.  

ERVA is now accepting nominations for visioning event participants. Nominees are strongly encouraged to provide a short statement on where engineering resources are most needed to enable next-generation wireless competitiveness. Please follow the link below to nominate yourself or a colleague.

Decisions regarding nominee invitations to participate will be guided by the overall objective of ensuring a successful visioning event. Following a review of nominations, ERVA will notify candidates who are selected to participate. This could also include further contributions during or beyond the scope of the visioning event. Those nominees not selected for this event will be considered, as appropriate, for future ERVA visioning events and other activities.

The Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA), an initiative funded by the National Science Foundation Engineering Directorate, will host a visioning event to roadmap critical areas of engineering that can have a significant impact. The goal of the event is to collectively develop a strategic plan spanning the next 10-20 years of high-impact, high-reward, pre-competitive engineering research-led opportunities that will advance United States competitiveness. The event outcomes will inform future research directions/resourcing across the nation in industry, academia, federal agencies, national labs, and other stakeholders.

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