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Quantum-Enabled Technologies

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Thematic Task Force Role: An ad hoc group of cross sector experts guide content planning to develop a report that will includes actionable findings and identified research directions intended to catalyze action.

Exploratory Domains

The workshop is aimed at creating roadmaps for near and long-term engineering research opportunities with the highest potential for positive societal impact.

The event will focus primarily on four areas of intersection:

  • Quantum and biology;
  • Quantum and materials;
  • Quantum and AI; and
  • Quantum and computing.

This event is intended for transdisciplinary experts and includes quantum information science, quantum computing, and (technology-specific) engineering communities (e.g., bioengineering, space science, photonics, quantum computing, and analog very large-scale integration [VLSI]).


While quantum computing has gained significant scientific and public attention at the theory and prototype levels, it lacks the engineering required to enable scalable, practical, field-deployable quantum systems to achieve an impact on society. Multidisciplinary engineering research is needed to develop deployable quantum sensors for bio-sensing and bio-engineering applications, AI-inspired techniques for near-term realizable scalable quantum processors for hardware platforms, semiconductor properties and materials for quantum processors, and computing to solve high-value, open problems in the field.

At this event, participants will envision changing and shaping the engineering field to achieve scalable, deployable, cost-effective quantum information systems, processors, sensors, and technologies. The goal is to identify specific engineering research directions with the potential for the greatest return on investment that are nascent or require additional exploration.

Event host

University of arizona_horiz_rgb_4


  • December 2023
  • March 2024
    Visioning Event
  • July 2024
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Thematic Task Force


Photo 1 for guha

Saikat Guha

Professor, College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona
Photo 5 for gaucher

Brian Gaucher

Principal Research Scientist, Systems Design Manager, Quantum Computing, IBM
Photo 9 for anderson

Afrouz Anderson

Program Director, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
Photo 13 for barton

Jennifer Barton

Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Arizona
Photo 17 for dial

Oliver Dial

CTO, IBM Quantum
Photo 21 for eichenfield

Matt Eichenfield

Associate Professor and SPIE Endowed Chair, University of Arizona and Distinguished Faculty Joint Appointee, Sandia National Labs
Photo 25 for humble

Travis Humble

Director, Quantum Science Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Photo 29 for katzgraber

Helmut Katzgraber

Global Practice Lead – Quantum, Amazon
Photo 33 for kim

Jungsang Kim

Distinguished Professor, Duke University
Photo 37 for srinivasan

Kartik Srinivasan

Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
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