ERVA First-Year Milestones
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ERVA launches April 15 to identify engineering research priorities
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Thematic Task Forces

Thematic Task Forces are small, ad hoc teams of interdisciplinary domain experts rapidly assembled to scope and frame topics selected for further study and to work with the ERVA team and the Research Intelligence contractor to organize visioning events on the chosen themes. They also guide the development of the visioning report. The ERVA Standing Council identifies themes and recommends each Thematic Task Force’s chair, members, schedule of activities, and deliverables.
ERVA Year-1 Visioning

Theme Identification Overview

Leveraging Biology to Power Engineering Impact View the agenda, participants, and sessions archive. Learn More About the Visioning Event Exploratory Domains The natural world provides many sources of inspiration for […]
The Role of Engineering in Addressing Climate Change ERVA's inaugural visioning event convened over 100 interdisciplinary, cross-sector experts on December 7-8, 2021 to explore The Role of Engineering in Addressing […]
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