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Strategic Engineering for Next-Generation Wireless Competitiveness

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Exploratory Domains

The visioning event is focused on identifying and articulating the near and long term strategic focus for engineering research that will place the United States in a competitive position world wide.

This event will be transdisciplinary with respect to engineering disciplines, sectors, and stakeholders interested in wireless competitiveness, including researchers, industry professionals, nonprofits, and venture capital firms.


As the complexity of modern networks accelerates, the United States faces a critical juncture in maintaining its leadership in wireless technology. Recognizing the imperative of enhancing next-generation wireless competitiveness, the Thematic Task Force for the ERVA is organizing a pivotal visioning event. This visioning event will address a number of vital topics, including security concerns surrounding highly directional data transmission, seamless integration of high and low frequencies, the transformative potential of AI/ML on network evolution, and strategies for fostering efficient spectrum sharing. Additional break-out discussion sessions will explore control planes for resilient networks, innovative network architectures for distributed sensing, and intricate hardware aspects of ultra-high-frequency systems.

The Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA), an initiative funded by the National Science Foundation Engineering Directorate, will host a visioning event to identify and collaboratively articulate critical areas of wireless performance where engineering research can lead. The goal of this event is to produce a road map for engineering research in the United States capable of overcoming select deficiencies and driving transformative advancements over the next 10 to 20 years to guide stakeholders to propel the nation towards a more competitive future in the global wireless landscape.

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  • October 2023
  • June 2024
    Visioning Event
  • October 2024
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Thematic Task Force


Photo 1 for mittleman

Daniel Mittleman

Professor of Engineering, Brown University
Photo 5 for chaccour

Christina Chaccour

Network Solutions Manager, Ericsson
Photo 9 for cordeiro

Carlos Cordeiro

Fellow and Wireless Chief Technology Officer, Client Computing Group, Intel
Photo 13 for ghosh

Amitava Ghosh

Fellow and Chair, Nokia, National Roadmap Working Group, NextG Alliance
Photo 17 for golmie

Nada Golmie

Research Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Photo 21 for jornet

Josep Jornet

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University
Photo 25 for knightly

Edward Knightly

Sheafor–Lindsay Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Rice University
Photo 29 for krishnaswamy

Harish Krishnaswamy

Professor, Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
Photo 33 for thawdar

Ngwe Thawdar

Program Manager and Technical Lead, Terahertz Communications Portfolio, Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate


Photo 37 for johnson-bey

Charles Johnson-Bey

ERVA Co-Principal Investigator
Senior Vice President
Booz Allen Hamilton

Taskforce PI

Photo 41 for aebischer

Josh Aebischer

Engagement Specialist
Photo 45 for brian courtney

Brian Courtney

Marketing Communications Manager
Photo 49 for goines

Natoshia Goines

Events Manager
Photo 53 for henry

Tamara Hayman Henry

Special Projects Consultant
Photo 57 for mau

Sandy Mau

ERVA Communications Director
Photo 61 for richardson

Ashley Richardson

ERVA Program Manager
Photo 65 for shorkey

Emily Shorkey

ERVA Operations Manager
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