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Transforming Women's Health Outcomes through Engineering

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Exploratory Domains

The visioning event will identify and articulate strategic near- and long-term engineering research opportunities with the highest potential for positive societal impact.

The event will focus primarily on eight areas of intersection:

Stages of a woman's life

  • Prenatal to puberty
  • Reproductive years related to pregnancy
  • Reproductive years not related to pregnancy
  • Pre-, peri- and post-menopausal

Technology fields

  • AI/Imaging
  • Computer modeling
  • Diagnostic Technologies/Devices
  • and Tissue engineering/microfluidics.

This event will convene experts from across engineering, including those in research-based experimental methods (organoids and micro physiological systems), patient-focused novel devices (point-of-care diagnostics and wearables), computational models (digital twins and biological systems), and artificial intelligence (machine learning including medical imaging and natural language processing), to evaluate the landscape for novel applications across the range of women’s health conditions.


Women’s health presents a multitude of biomedical challenges, incorporating both female sex- and gender-specific conditions and the many diseases and chronic disorders that affect women differently or disproportionately. Such conditions may be difficult to study using traditional research techniques: timescales associated with chronic diseases can be longer compared with typical laboratory experiments; mimicking complex human hormonal cycling and sexual development time course is challenging in cellular and animal experiments; human reproductive tissues are often unavailable for experimentation. Moreover, engineering offers the potential to mitigate sociocultural impacts on women’s health and broaden health equity.

At this event, participants will articulate critical areas where engineering research can impact women’s health across the full range of life stages. This impact is possible across the entire spectrum, from early mechanistic research into poorly understood conditions to patient-facing diagnostics, drugs, preventative strategies, and devices to ameliorate disease. The goal is to identify specific engineering research directions with the potential for the greatest return on investment that are nascent or require additional exploration.

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Event Sponsors

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  • October 2023
  • June 2024
    Visioning Event
  • October 2024
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Thematic Task Force

Chair & Co-Chair

Photo 1 for oyen

Michelle Oyen

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
Photo 5 for myers

Kristin Myers

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University
Photo 9 for aguado

Brian Aguado

Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego
Photo 13 for blemker

Silvia Blemker

Professor, University of Virginia
Photo 17 for butler

Tara Butler

Founder and Partner, Iyengar Capital Partners
Photo 21 for karnik-henry

Meghana Karnik-Henry

Director of Evidence Generation, Medical Affairs, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Photo 25 for knight

Katrina Knight

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh
Photo 29 for myers

Kristin Myers

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University
Photo 33 for rockweiler

Holly Rockweiler

CEO, Madorra


Photo 37 for 01 grejner-brzezinska

Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska

ERVA Principal Investigator
University Distinguished Professor
Lowber B. Strange Endowed Chair in Engineering
Vice President for Knowledge Enterprise
The Ohio State University

Taskforce PI

Photo 41 for aebischer

Josh Aebischer

Engagement Specialist
Photo 45 for brian courtney

Brian Courtney

Marketing Communications Manager
Photo 49 for goines

Natoshia Goines

Events Manager
Photo 53 for henry

Tamara Hayman Henry

Special Projects Consultant
Photo 57 for mau

Sandy Mau

ERVA Communications Director
Photo 61 for richardson

Ashley Richardson

ERVA Program Manager
Photo 65 for shorkey

Emily Shorkey

ERVA Operations Manager
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